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We provide high quality, integrated healthcare services, based on a patient – centered

“The objective of Sharda Narayan Hospital is to change the perception that high quality patient care provided by a private hospital is beyond the reach of ordinary people.”
Dr. Sanjay Singh

Our Approach

We provide best healthcare service at very affordable price. Sharda Narayan Hospital is led by team of highly skilled and professional doctors under the guidance of Chairman and Director Dr. Sanjay Singh. We at SNH are committed to provide excellent care with healing touch.

Since 2005, we have helped to improve the lives of thousands of people who have preferred us for quality health care treatments. Sharda Narayan Hospital is a comprehensive medical facility focused entirely to cater easy access to superior quality, cost-effective medical services in the Mau area.

all our 24×7 emergency help number 7379345345 or 9454868686. We have a Critical Care Specialist available 24×7 and a ready ICU on wheels.

Our Vision

Our Vision
Is to be the most reliable and honest healthcare services provider for those who need it the most.

Our Mission

Is to Provide wide range of good quality and wellness-oriented health care service in an organized, cost-sensitive and customer-centric academic environment. “Because we believe that life is precious.”

Our Team

Provide patient-centered healthcare with excellence in quality, service, and access. A community in which all people to provide our patients.

Guided by the needs of our patients

Delivering world class medical care

Our Hospital provide the highest quality care to improve the health of our entire community through innovation, collaboration, service excellence, diversity and a commitment to patient safety

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Surgery services
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Dr. Sanjay Singh is the Director and Chairman of Sharda Narayan Hospital. He has vast experience of over twenty years in the field of internal medicine and has worked with esteemed hospitals in Delhi/NCR and UP before deciding to open his own hospital in order to realize his vision of providing quality healthcare services at affordable price. Dr. Sanjay Singh's expertise lies in the management of patients with tropical diseases like Dengue, Malaria, Chikungnya, Typhoid, Urinary Tract Infections, adult vaccination, life style diseases like hypertension and diabetes.
Dr Sanjay SinghDirector and Chairman

Our Providers


Dr. Sujeet Singh is Director and Head of Critical Care and Emergency & Trauma Center at Sharda Narayan Hospiatl. Dr. Singh has extensive experience of Anesthesia and Critical Care. He has over 10 years experience as a ICU specialist & Anesthetist. Dr. Sujeet Singh is an instructor of ACLS & BLS course. He is also an FCCS course provider. Dr. Singh is a life member of Society of Emergency Medicine India (SEMI).


Dr. Ekika Singh is an award winning IVF specialist. Her expertise in Advances in Assisted Reproductive Techniques (IVF, ICSI, IMSI) make her most sought after IVF specialist in the Purvanchal region. A veteran obstetrician and gynecologist with specialization in ART & IVF, she has always dreamt of helping people and fulfilling their dream of having their own child. She has tied up with the Award winning and India’s leading chain of IVF centre “Indira IVF” to focus on the purpose of helping disheartened childless couples conceive.

DENTISTRY BDSMadhulika Singh

Dr. Madhulika Singh, an alumnus of Rama Dental College Kanpur, completed her B.D.S. in 2007 and has been practicing dentistry ever since. She is one of the directors at Sharda Narayan Hospital and heads the Dental Department. She has been striving continuously to upgrade her skills to master state of the art equipment with cutting edge technology. Her forte is treating dental phobias in adults and uncooperative children by addressing their individual needs.

Our Services

Delivering world class medical care
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Emergency & Trauma Care

In our Emergency & Trauma facility with 45 beds in emergency & trauma care area, critically ill or injured patients with life-threatening conditions


The Division of medicine at Sharda Narayan Hospital in Mau includes physicians whose primary role is to offer medical care in the hospital.

Critical care

In the Critical Care Department, 24×7 care is provided to those patients who require life support system and other intensive medical measures in potentially endangered situations.


The Department of Infertility & IVF offers the most sophisticated and advanced Assisted Reproduction Unit (IVF Lab) with latest technology.


The Obstetrics & Gynaecology department is one of the busiest tertiary maternity centre in the city. Most of the patients are underprivileged and have limited resources to avail of quality health care which is beyond the reach of a common man


We have a big Dialysis Ward with the most modern Dialysis Unit. It provides patients with a life-savour.


The Orthopedic Department of Sharda Narayan Hospital provides comprehensive care for many orthopedic patients including knee, hip, and joints.


The Department of Radiology provides a full range of radiological services related to MRI, CT, Ultrasound, Fluoroscopy, Mammography, Dexa, X-Rays and intervention procedures

My father Rajender Rai needed to operated for gall bladder. However, due to his heart related complications many doctors in Mau refused to operate upon him and referred us to B.H.U in Varanasi. Someone suggested Sharda Narayan Hospital in Mau and I wanted to consult them before taking my aged father to Varanasi. The operation was carried out in the supervision of Dr. Sanjay Singh and his team of skilled physicians. I was quite satisfied with the facilities and responsiveness of the staff. I express my gratitude towards the hospital specially, Dr. Sanjay Singh and Dr. Sujit Singh - Directors of Sharada Narayan Hospital, Rajendra Rai
Rajendra Rai, 67— Bypass surgery

Ghazipur Tiraha, Sahadatpura, Mau, U.P