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Offers most sophisticated & advanced Assisted Reproduction Unit

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In collaboration with Indira IVF, Sharda Narayan Hospital is the best fertility center and has provided good-quality infertility care for over two decades. It offers comprehensive diagnostics, individualized treatment plans, and high success rates. The team at Sharda Narayan Hospital IVF is fully trained to provide the best care for all infertility needs.

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Dr. Ekika Singh is an award-winning IVF specialist and gynecologist. Her expertise in Assisted Reproductive Techniques (IVF, ICSI) makes her the most sought-after IVF specialist in the Paranuchal region. A veteran obstetrician and gynecologist, her keen area of interest, are high-risk pregnancies, cancer prevention, and early detection of cancer in women. She is the pioneer in starting painless deliveries, advanced labor units, and high-risk pregnancy management units under one roof in Mau. With more than 20 years of experience, she has performed more than 10,000 high-risk deliveries and more than 12,000 obstetrical and gynecological surgeries. With a specialization in ART & IVF, she has always dreamt of helping and fulfilling the childless couple’s dream. She has been instrumental in bringing happiness and joy to the lives of thousands of infertile couples.
Dr Ekika SinghDirector, Sharda Narayan Hospital

Dr Ekika Singh

snigdha sonal

Obs and GynaeSnighda Kumar

Dr Snigdha Sonal MBBS gold medalist( RIMS , ranchi ) MS gynaecology and obstetrics gold medalist ( GSVM kanpur) laproscopy surgeon , infertility specialist, trained in world laproscopy hospital , gurugram haryana . She has vast experience in managing emergency cases of obstetrics and has saved thousands of lives in her career , working as consultant ( obstetrics and gynaecology) at Sharada Narayan hospital Mau and Sharada Narayan Indira IVF centre

Dr Ekika Singh


Dr. Ekika Singh is the Managing Director and an award-winning IVF specialist. Her expertise in Advances in Assisted Reproductive Techniques (IVF, ICSI, IMSI) makes her the most sought-after IVF specialist in the Purvanchal region and Mau. A veteran obstetrician and gynecologist with a specialization in ART & IVF, she has always dreamt of helping and fulfilling the dreams of childless couples having their own child. With her team, she provides the best evidence-based care to all high -risk pregnancies .

Dr Madhulika Singh


Dr. Madhulika Singh is an alumnus of Rama Dental College Kanpur and a Fellow in Embryology. She is a Scientific Director of the Embryology unit. Under her strict guidance and compliance, the embryology unit of the IVF center meticulously handles delicate intricate protocols. With the help of cutting edge technology and focused individualized protocol, they achieve  high success rate

IVF, Advance EndoGyane Surgery, Department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology & Neonatal and pediatrics

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Department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology

The Obstetrics & Gynaecology department is one of the busiest tertiary maternity centre in the city. Most of the patients are underprivileged and have limited resources to avail of quality health care which is beyond the reach of a common man.The hospital has a team of specialized doctors who are professionally trained to carry out obstetrics procedures and gynecological treatments  For any obstetrician or gynecologist needs, you can contact the hospital.


The Department of Infertility & IVF offers the most sophisticated and advanced Assisted Reproduction Unit (IVF Lab) with latest technology.Treating infertility is a complicated process for most couples. It involves different sets of protocols and procedures. The experience can also be emotionally and physically draining. But at Sharda Narayan Hospital, we offer a completely holistic and scientific approach with the latest advances in reproductive medicine to help you get pregnant quickly, easily, and reliably.

Neonatal and pediatrics

Shardha Narayan Indira IVF hospital has a state-of-the-art facility for neonatology and pediatric care for children from birth up to age 12.The hospital’s childcare services include birthing, surgical, medical and immunization services. Our caring staff is committed to providing excellent care in a pleasant environment. The Department for Neonatology & Pediatric Care is providing the latest technology to deliver efficient services for the young ones.For your child, there are specialized clinics including ‘Well baby clinic’, ‘Breastfeeding Clinic’ and other wards. All these healthcare facilities offer the same care to all children. We have in-house facilities with a fully equipped OPD, ward, critical care, and operation theatre with hygienic and world-class pediatric care.

Advance EndoGyane Surgery

This department has all the advanced technology required for successful surgeries and is supported by a quality team of surgeons, trained staff and nurses. Advance Endogyane’s most prominent procedure is Laparoscopy, an instrument that uses a laparoscope to look at and operate on the abdominal organs. With an incision in the abdominal wall, the surgeon moves along and sends images to a video monitor. It’s often used in gallbladder, liver, pancreas, small intestine and large intestine (colon)spleen, stomach or pelvic area .

My father Rajender Rai needed to operated for gall bladder. However, due to his heart related complications many doctors in Mau refused to operate upon him and referred us to B.H.U in Varanasi. Someone suggested Sharda Narayan Hospital in Mau and I wanted to consult them before taking my aged father to Varanasi. The operation was carried out in the supervision of Dr. Sanjay Singh and his team of skilled physicians. I was quite satisfied with the facilities and responsiveness of the staff. I express my gratitude towards the hospital specially, Dr. Sanjay Singh and Dr. Sujit Singh - Directors of Sharada Narayan Hospital, Rajendra Rai
Rajendra Rai, 67— Bypass surgery

Ghazipur Tiraha, Sahadatpura, Mau, U.P