Sharda Narayan Hospital: The Best Neonatal And Pediatric Unit

September 19, 2022by Mahima Aggarwal0

In Eastern UP and Mau, the Sharda Narayan Hospital is known for its best Neonatal and pediatric unit. Its excellence in quality healthcare services makes it the first choice of parents who are looking for a hospital with a highly qualified team of doctors. The Neonatal and Pediatric Unit at Sharda Narayan Hospital offers an all-round care to every new born, with both medical and emotional support. Sharda Narayan Indira IVF hospital has a state-of-the-art facility for neonatology and pediatric care for children from birth up to age 12.

Why Sharda Narayan Hospital has the best neonatal and pediatric unit

The hospital’s childcare services include birthing, surgical, medical and immunization services. Our caring staff is committed to providing excellent care in a pleasant environment. The Department for Neonatology & Pediatric Care is providing the latest technology to deliver efficient services for the young ones.

The advantage a pediatrician at Sharda Narayan Hospital has

For your child, there are specialized clinics including ‘Well baby clinic’, ‘Breastfeeding Clinic’ and other wards. All these healthcare facilities offer the same care to all children.

We have in-house facilities with a fully equipped OPD, ward, critical care, and operation theatre with hygienic and world-class pediatric care. We also have facilities for blood transfusion which is necessary for children undergoing treatment for any blood-related disorder. We also have sensitive LED/blue light facilitated Phototherapy facilities for the children.

This system is equipped with modern technology, such as cameras. It will also notify you if anything happens to your children.

What makes Sharda Narayan Hospital the best option

Sharda Narayan Hospital is located in Eastern UP and Mau, India and has been open for 22 years. This hospital specializes in neonatal and pediatric units. We have state-of-the-art facilities, including a neo-natal intensive care unit, an inpatient ward for children with chronic illnesses, and a general outpatient ward that offers services for pregnant women and newborns.

Neonatal and Pediatric department includes ventilators

The setup is equipped with all the necessary gadgets to assure monitoring and management of newborn babies, who are as old as 28 days or less.

It has the capabilities to take care of a baby who was born weighing less than 1,500 grams.

We have Pediatricians available around the clock, to make sure your child is always taken care of. Our team consists of Neonatologists, Pediatrician’s, Pediatric surgeons who specialize in pediatric surgery.

The Centre for Child Care includes a fully equipped lab with machinery like an Incubator and Pediatric Ventilator.

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