The Top Nephro Sciences Hospital In India- Sharda Narayan

April 9, 2022by snhnbc0

Sharda Narayan Hospital has the best nephro sciences department in Eastern UP and Mau. You will have access to the latest equipment and technology, as well as a team of expert nephrologists available for your care.

Types of nephrology care that is provided

Sharda Narayan is a hospital that provides a wide range of nephrology care. This includes outpatient dialysis, inpatient care, and transplant services. Depending on the patient’s needs, we can choose whether they want to use home dialysis or go to an outpatient center for their treatments.

Another service offered at Sharda Narayan is kidney and pancreas transplants. The hospital has a team of doctors and researchers with expertise in transplantation techniques and immunosuppressant drugs.

Why patients choose Sharda Narayan over other hospitals

Sharda Narayan is known as the top nephro sciences hospital in India. Patients choose this hospital for several reasons- quality of care, affordability, and location. The hospital is located within a couple miles of some of the most prestigious hospitals in India and offers fair prices for their services.

Benefits of nephro sciences treatments

Nephro Sciences is the branch of medicine that deals with the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of diseases of the kidneys, urinary tract and bladder. Nephro sciences treatments are known to reduce pain and discomfort associated with kidney stones. Kidney stones are small, hard masses that form inside the kidneys where urine is made. Symptoms of kidney stones can vary widely from person to person but some common symptoms are a burning sensation when urinating and blood in urine. Nephroscience hospitals in India offer different nephro sciences treatments for kidney stones such as extracorporeal shock wave lithotripsy, percutaneous nephrostomy, percutaneous pyelolithotomy etc.

How to reach Sharda Narayan Hospital

Sharda Narayan Hospital is located off the Mau, Uttar Pradesh. It is situated close to the HDFC Bank and is only a few minutes away from the it. The hospital can be reached by bus or taxi, with buses.

Cost of treatment

The cost of treatment at Sharda Nephro Sciences Hospital is affordable. They provide treatments for all kidney related diseases from Dialysis to Kidney Transplant. The hospital also provides free education on different aspects of kidney health, like diet and lifestyle changes.


Sharda Narayan Hospital is one of the best nephro scienes hospitals in Eastern UP and Mau. We have a team of qualified doctors, nurses, and technicians who specialise in some of the most common diseases like kidney stones and diabetes.

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