Sharda Narayan Hospital – 24×7 Trauma Care

April 9, 2022by snhnbc0

With the trauma care available at Sharda Narayan Hospital, you’ll never have to worry about not getting emergency treatment when you need it. This hospital is open 24*7 and equipped with qualified surgical staff for immediate surgery in the event of a serious accident.

Sharda Narayan Hospital has state of the art Trauma  Center

Sharda Narayan Hospital  provides 24×7 trauma care to its patients. The emergency room has been equipped with modern equipment, including CT scanners and advanced surgical suites. This hospital also offers round the clock laboratory and x-ray services, as well as a pharmacy to ensure patients are able to get their prescriptions filled whenever they need them.

What types of medical emergencies they have 24/7 emergency care

Sharda Narayan Hospital has 24-hour trauma care and paramedics on-site. They are equipped to handle any type of medical emergency and will always do their best to help you get the treatment you need as soon as possible.

How to contact Sharda Narayan Hospital

Sharda Narayan Hospital is one of the best hospitals in Eastern UP and Mau. It has been included in top lists  This hospital offers a 24×7 Trauma Care service that offers excellent treatment to patients who have been injured severely.


Sharda Narayan Hospital is committed to providing 24×7 trauma care to all patients. We have the latest technology and equipment in the country. We are supported by a team of highly skilled doctors, paramedics, nurses and staff members.

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