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Our team is committed to superb patient care, research and education.

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Top-ranked team of medical specialist

Our medical specialists all work as a team to deliver the very highest stand of expert, compassionate care.


A community in which all their full for health and the lifespan use a team the runway towards health care.


Provide patient-centered with excellence in quality, service, and a the best way a deep dive on the person’s health.


We care for the whole person, the complexity of each person’s life, and believe that a broad range.


Dynamically reinvent driven and inter faces. Energistically fabricate an life expanded array of niche markets.

Our multidisciplinary team of experts works together to ensure a safe and swift journey through the Medical Center.
Dr Jeanette Bowman Chief of the Division of Pulmonology

Our Providers


General MedicineDr Sanjay Singh

Dr. Sanjay Singh is the Director and Chairman of Sharda Narayan Hospital. He has vast experience of over twenty years in the field of internal medicine and has worked with esteemed hospitals in Delhi/NCR and UP before deciding to open his own hospital in order to realize his vision of providing quality healthcare services at affordable price.

Dr Sujit Singh


Dr. Sujeet Singh is the Medical Director and Head of the Critical Care and Emergency & Trauma Center at Sharda Narayan Hospital. Dr. Singh has extensive experience in Anesthesia and Critical Care. He has over 15 years of experience as critical care and emergency expert. Dr. Sujeet Singh is an instructor of the ACLS & BLS course. He is also an FCCS course provider. Dr. Singh is  President of the Society of Emergency Medicine India (SEMI)  U.P. chapter.

Dr Ekika Singh

GYNAECOLOGIST & IVF SpecialistEkika Singh

Dr. Ekika Singh is the Managing Director and an award-winning IVF specialist. Her expertise in Advances in Assisted Reproductive Techniques (IVF, ICSI, IMSI) makes her the most sought-after IVF specialist in the Purvanchal region and Mau. A veteran obstetrician and gynecologist with a specialization in ART & IVF, she has always dreamt of helping and fulfilling the dreams of childless couples having their own child. With her team, she provides the best evidence-based care to all high -risk pregnancies .

Dr Madhulika Singh

DENTISTRY BDSDr Madhulika Singh

Dr. Madhulika Singh is an alumnus of Rama Dental College Kanpur and a Fellow in Embryology. She is a Scientific Director of the Embryology unit. Under her strict guidance and compliance, the embryology unit of the IVF center meticulously handles delicate intricate protocols. With the help of cutting edge technology and focused individualized protocol, they achieve  high success rate

Dr Rahul Kumar

Ortho SciencesDr Rahul Kumar

Senior resident ( bhu trauma centre) , Senior Spine Surgeon , trained in AO advance ATLS course, AO trauma course , Endoscopy spine surgery, Arthroplasty and Arthroscopic specialist. Dr Rahul has experience in field of orthopaedic since last 10 years , and has done around 5000 complex surgery (acetabulum , spine hip replacement , knee replacement , complex surgery in polytrauma cases , arthroscopic surgery for sports injury in knee and shoulder )

Dr Rupesh Singh


Hardworking and dynamic neurosurgeon working with emotional intelligence and honesty for the patient on the principle of FIRST DO NO HARM.
He is specialised to deal with all kind of neurosurgical emergencies like trauma to head and spine, intracerebral bleed seizures stroke and that too in all age group from paediatrics to geriatrics.