The Sharda Narayan Hospital, A Centre Of Excellence In Women’s Healthcare

April 9, 2022by snhnbc1

Sharda Narayan Hospital is a first-of-its-kind Centre of Excellence for Women’s Healthcare in Eastern UP and Mau. It was created with a singular focus: to deliver the best endo-gyne surgery care to women across Eastern UP and Mau.

Sharda Narayan Hospital and it’s excellence in women’s healthcare

Sharda Narayan Hospital has always been a centre of excellence in women’s healthcare. They have delivered over 16 thousand babies and performed nearly 2,000 cesarean sections that have aided in the hospital becoming one of the best hospitals in Eastern UP and Mau.

This hospital is on a mission to provide quality healthcare to all women who need it. This includes providing healthcare for those who can’t afford treatment and those who are marginalised because of their caste, ethnicity, or religion.

The procedures performed at the hospital

Sharda Narayan Hospital in Mau, UP, India is a world-leading hospital that offers a variety of procedures, including fertility treatments. We also perform surgery, do sonar scans and offer an IVF program.

What makes ‘Sharda’ a centre for excellence in women’s health care

Sharda Narayan Hospital helps thousands of women every year. From adolescence, pre-menopause, and menopause, we have programs that help with all of these stages, as well as pregnancy.

The hospital is recognized by many organisations for its work in the field. We are equipped to handle anything from a normal delivery to complicated cases like high blood pressure or diabetes.

How does the hospital compare to other hospitals?

Sharda Narayan Hospital offers the latest in medical care for women. We are able to provide services like infertility diagnosis and treatment, prenatal care, post-natal care, and gynaecology consultations. The hospital is located on a 30 acre campus with 2 buildings. It contains over 100 beds and specialise in the care of pregnant women.

Is Sharda The One I Can Trust?

The Sharda Narayan Hospital is a leading hospital in India for women’s healthcare. In recent years, the hospital has been recognized by leading international institutions. Part of our success can be attributed to our highly trained staff, which is experienced in dealing with obstetric complications, delivery care, and gynaecological problems.

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