Sharda Narayan Multi Superspeciality Hospital : A One Stop Destination For Comprehensive Diabetes Care

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Diabetes, what is it? Diabetes is a condition in which the person diagnosed has too much sugar or glucose in their blood. This condition happens when the insulin-producing cells stop working like they should. In Sharda Narayan Multi Superspeciality Hospital, we know how to deal with all sorts of diabetes, from gestational to type 1 diabetes – and everything in between!

Diabetes Care At Sharda Narayan Multi Superspeciality Hospital

Sharda Narayan Multi Superspeciality Hospital has a comprehensive diabetes care program. The hospital’s doctors and consultant physicians will help you make the necessary lifestyle changes to manage your diabetes. The programs also offer education to help you learn about how foods and drugs jack up blood sugar levels, how to detect high blood sugar, diabetes prevention strategies, studies on latest research in managing a diabetic pregnancy, and more. The hospital guarantees immaculate service (even when treating food malpractices) so that no client will have any incidents looking back on their experience there.

Diabetes Symptoms

Diabetes is characterised by high blood sugar levels caused when the pancreas cannot produce enough insulin, or when cells do not respond appropriately to insulin’s action. Symptoms vary and can include increased thirst, increased urination, blurred vision, mood changes, delayed healing time for cuts and wounds, and breath that has a fruity odor.

Types of diabetes

There are three different varieties of diabetes that result in insulin resistance: Type 1, Type 2 and Gestational diabetes.

Type 1 – Diabetes is an autoimmune condition where the body kills of all the cells that produce insulin

Type 2 – This type of diabetes happens due to genetic predisposition or weight issues

Gestational – Pregnancy which occurs when the placenta produces more hormones which will lead to insulin resistance

Treatment of diabetes

Diabetes is a condition that has many secondary consequences, and thus must be treated very carefully. To help patients in such situations, Sharda Narayan Multi Superspeciality Hospital provides comprehensive diabetes care. In addition to taking care of various complications arising out of diabetes, the physicians also admit acute cases for treatment. The hospital follows periodical screening tests that may show subtle symptoms of diabetes as well as test for any potential risks to the patient. Apart from this, it is recommended that every diabetic patient seeks immediate medical attention if they notice signs like frequent urination, dehydration, itchiness of skin and bad breath etc.

Doctors and specialists at Sharda Narayan treating diabetes and other related disorders.

Experts in the medical field will help you find a treatment for diabetes and other related disorders. Experts here provide clinical services to patients with diabetes, obesity, cholesterol-related disorders, mental health problems etc. Patients can also avail of complimentary consultations, diagnostic tests and screening.

Our diabetic care packages Diabetic Clinic In India

Sharda Narayan Multi Superspeciality Hospital -is a renowned specialist for diabetic care. We dedicate our time for helping people get rid of type 2 diabetes by researching, educating and giving hope. The center offers various facilities from diagnosis, treatment and social awareness programs.

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