World Mosquito Day

August 20, 2018by admin

On the occasion of World Mosquito Day, Sharda Narayan Welfare Trust organized a free health check-up and awareness camp.
In this public awareness program, Dr. Sanjay Singh, (Director of Sharda Narayan Hospital), talked about how dengue spreads and how we can prevent it.
Speaking on this occasion, Dr. Sanjay Singh informed that dengue fever is an infection that is caused by dengue virus. It is very important that dengue is treated on time.
Mosquitoes spread the dengue virus. Dengue fever is also known as bone breaking fever. Because people with dengue can get so much pain as if their bones have broken. Dr. Sanjay Singh informed that in the early symptoms of dengue, the patient feels very cold, headache, back ache and severe pain in the eyes, besides there is continuous fever. Apart from this, there may be joint pain, nausea, uneasiness, vomiting, low blood pressure.
Dr. Sanjay Singh said that the awareness of dengue is very important to us. Dengue virus spreads through mosquitoes, so the most important thing is that the mosquitoes are not allowed inside the house or allowed to breed around it. Always keep lid on the buckets and drums filled with water and do not let water accumulate in the pits nearby.
 Wear whole sleeve dresses, use mosquito nets while sleeping, spray mosquito repellent in and around the house.