What to expect for children's growth and development?

A healthy child's development actually begins before conception with the parents' health and their genetic legacy.

There are a number of common childhood conditions such as ear infections and tonsilitis which may be unavoidable.

What are common children's illnesses?

What are common childhood injuries?

It may not be possible to prevent a specific birth defect or an illness, but it should be possible to protect a child from an accident and injury such as common cuts, burns and accidental poisoning.

What are some potential behavioral problems children can have?

Autism spectrum illnesses, including Asperger syndrome, learning problems, ADHD, and anxiety and depression disorders are major issues.

What is the importance of family health for children?

Family health looks at children's health and well-being in the context of their family unit. This applies not only to children's physical health but to their emotional health as well.