Adolescence is a time for young people to define their place in the family, peer groups, and the larger community. During this stage of their lives, youth struggle with the transition from childhood to adulthood. During this switch over, adolescents establish patterns of behavior and make lifestyle choices that affect both their current and future health. Without assistance & guidance, these young people may fall victim to behaviors that place them, and others, at risk.
Without question, adolescence is a tricky time for many young people. During this period, they must compete with physical changes, peer pressure, and increased expectations from family members, teachers, and other adults. Adolescents and young adults are adversely affected by serious health and safety issues such as motor vehicle crashes, violence, drug abuse, and sexual misbehavior. Physical maturation resulting from puberty leads to an interest in sexual activities, sometimes leading to teenage pregnancy. As adolescents are not mentally or emotionally prepared to handle the feelings and emotions that come along with sex, nor financially able to support children, it problematic when teens engage in such behaviors. At this age there is also a greater probability of drug and alcohol use, or mental health disorders such as schizophrenia, eating disorders such as anorexia, and depression. The unstable emotions or lack of emotional intelligence among some adolescents may also lead to youth crime.
To have the most positive impact on adolescent health, we grant them with effective education to protect themselves and others from HIV/STD infection now and lifelong. Providing safe and nurturing environments for our nation’s youth can ensure that adolescents will be healthy and productive members of society. It is found world over that sex education does lessen the unwanted pregnancies and sexually transmitted diseases to a great extent.
We are aware of it but, like others, we do not give just sermons on need of sex education. We address his or her concerns and anxieties with a personal attention. We impart sex education with values.
We teach not only science but also teach to take responsibilities of their own actions!